What Is Resident Evil

If you are a serious action-packed adventure video game player, you are no longer new with the Resident Evil. It is a three-in-one video game augmented with horror fiction, adventure and horror. The creation of this media franchise is attributed to Shinki Mikami. The owner is Capcom Company.

Although the hub of the franchise concentrates on series of horror survival video games, it has also expanded into novels, dramas as well as comic books. In fact, it also comes with live action horror film as well as animated upshots to the games. In the resident evil video game, the plot concentrates on the multiple protagonists along with their roles in dealing with zombie outbreaks.

Actually, the premiere eponymous game has been released in 1996. With this, the game has focused on a survival horror game. However, due to the immerse growth the franchise; there was a significant encompassing of other genres of video games. As such, the series is a mixture of horror and action plot lines.

A puzzle solving and exploration

While there are some sort of puzzle solving and exploration, the Resident Evil 4 features a third person shooter method that comes along with fewer arrays of puzzles. Instead, greater emphasis is placed on weapons and gun upgrading. By 2015, the series of this video game has been able to sell sixty one million units in the whole world.

Resident Evil has made its remarkable debut in 1996 on PlayStation. Consequently, it has been ported to Sega Setrum. This has been a very crucial milestone which has led to the creation of the 2 sequels- Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis in 1998 and 1999 respectively. A port of the RE 2 has been released for Nintendo 64. Aside from that, ports of the three sequels have also been released for Windows.

Resident Evil Gaiden

Resident Evil Gaiden is an action-packed adventure video that features an RPG format. This game is intended for Game Boy Color. In connection to that, there were also notable mobile games that are rooted from the Resident evil series particularly in Japan. Some of these games were released in North America as well as Europe via T-Mobile. It has been announced that RE portable will also be released for PlayStation portable. Nevertheless, there were no further announcements that have been made as of 2012.

Aside from video games

Aside from video games, there are also several Resident Evil produce as well as linkup merchandises that have been released. This includes novels, comic books and films. With the ups and downs of the Resident Evil franchise, the people behind the creation of modern action-horror adventure movies continue to affirm to their gaols of providing exciting high quality suspense video games. With the path o of the Resident Evil series, it is evident that not all of the creations have become a hit for the people. However, these drawbacks for the franchise serve to be their stepping stones to develop the best video games that will fit to the needs of serious game players. Above all, there is no doubt that Resident Evil is one of the best horror games out there which makes future sequels worth looking out for.